M.A.N Millar

Bacefook Is here to stay.  I may hate it but I have to accept it (AND the 161 friends I have who I mostly don’t know).  I’ve therefore started a passive revolt in the form of the postcard.  Actually, I’ve always been a letter-writer, so it’s as much about reinstating a forgotten hobby as anything else.  All true friends should receive at least one postcard or letter from me – in the post! – at some point in the next four years.  Make sure you give me your address (that’s a binding clause by the way).  It goes without saying that  I’ll measure the depth of our friendship based on how long it takes you to reply – in the same format of course.

On a more practical level, I’m a gadget freak and I like SOME of the aspects of what facebook has to offer.  I have therefore worked out a way to take advantage of the bits I like while throwing out the things I don’t (I’m sorry, but wall posts about what you ate for breakfast do my head in). Quite aside from inane details there’s also the much more important (though largely unacknowledged) act of  uploading screeds of photos of our children (essentially without their permission).  Where is the wisdom in that?  These things can then be viewed by hundreds of people, which, if we’re being honest, we’re really only vaguely connected to.  Perhaps the category of “friend” is much too broad?  Maybe facebook needs to introduce degrees of friendship.

But philosophical issues aside, here’s the deal.  I will cease to exist as Nadine Millar on facebook – well, I’ll stay there (I acknowledge that in some instances “real” old friends do find us) but I’m not going to use it.  Instead, I’ve launched what essentially will be a family page, under the name Man Millar (it’s an acronym for malcolm and nadine, smarty pants).

This way, we can all keep in touch (the kids can use it too) but I can be sure we’re only sharing photos and videos with family, and actual (close) friends (as opposed to high school mates and non-mates).  No offense intended.  I did consider the alternative solution of de-friending people and/or creating a family group, but it was all still operating under an individual account which I’m just not into.  And launching ourselves as an “NGO” or a “Cause” was kind of pushing the envelope a BIT far…


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