Ten Years…

Here we are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary this week… Malc tried to buy me an appropriate card for the occasion but was told by the shop assistant that 10 years doesn’t qualify for any “jewel”… 

I looked it up and it turns out she’s right – 10 years gets you some tin, perhaps some aluminum if you’re lucky (especially if it comes in the shape of a big old Bedford bus).  If we stick it out another 40 years, providing we’re not dead, we’ll qualify for a Ruby and perhaps even a letter from the Governor General. Oh yes!!  That’s what you call an “Incentive”, people!

Have a look here to see what lucky prizes await you too – but don’t raise your hopes too high; on the road between Tin and Ruby we’re talking steel, wool, lace, lots of big fat nothings, and (unfortunately for the Elephants), Ivory.

Personally, I prefer the practicality of the Americans; on your 1st anniversary you get a clock (“tick, tick, tick” being the soundtrack for your life thereafter), while on your 4th  you  get appliances, followed by linen, lace and leather (wink wink).  They don’t muck about after that; every subsequent year of marriage beyond your 10th gets you good old fashioned Diamonds.


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