Mr Pip by Lloyd Jones

Mister PipMister Pip by Lloyd Jones
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I feel bad about this, I really do. I wanted to love Mister Pip and I thought it was inevitable that I would, especially when I became engrossed from the very first page. But I just… didn’t. I was interested in Matilda, the conflicting emotions she had for her mother, and their lives during the bloody civil war in Bougainville. All of this, although harrowing at times, is depicted very well.

But at some point along the way I stopped being convinced, not by Matilda and her story, but by Pop-Eye and Grace. Particularly at the supposed climax, where Mr Watts tells (or acts-out?) his life (or the life he conjures?). I blame myself – I haven’t read Great Expectations and I couldn’t appreciate the intricate ways the novel was completely interwoven with it, much less understand why. Sorry, Mr Pip.

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