Ten Things I Love (and miss) about New Zealand

1) The smell of wet grass, wet trees, wet concrete.

2) The way politicians are just as likely to be seen on prime time Television dancing and cooking as they are answering questions about legislation.

3) Onion dip. Anchor butter. A pie at 11am.

4) The way the drive between Wellington and Auckland, passing through (Unforgeta)Bulls, Taupo via the Superloos, and Tirau (just to wonder “wtf?” at that monstrosity of a tin sheep) constitutes not so much a road trip as a rite of passage.

5) Turning up for a BBQ on a Sunday afternoon wearing a dress and heels (wedges) and being over-dressed.

6) We’re a democracy in more than just name. As complex, multi-layered, flawed and uncomfortable the debates might be, AT LEAST we have them.

7) People talk about the weather as though they’re in a relationship with it (“One day it’s all hot and wonderful, the next day I’m being pelting with ice – I just never quite know where I stand, you know?”).

8) Pushing in front is wrong and unfair, and punishable by a long steely-eyed glare.

9) Hearing the words “Yeah, Nah” in response to a question and knowing instinctively whether the person means yes or no.

10) We don’t want to want to win the World Cup so badly, but we really just can’t help ourselves.

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