The Making of Jarek

Lightning struck over the dark village of Scandinavia!  Winds swept through the gaps of the houses, Scandinavia had been turned into a wasteland.  Long ago this once prosperous land was a country of joy and laughter…until now.

Suddenly the huddled people heard a giant roar “ENOUGH!” cried the most ruthless and revolting Viking known as Eirg Goldminer.  Everyone froze solid, “We must not let not let all this hold us back from becoming the most powerful empire in the world!”  One of the men cried “what are we supposed to do?” and others began murmuring in agreement.  Another desperately said “we’re gone for.”  Quiet silence fell over the crowd.  “Here is what we will do, we will build long boats that are small enough to slip through small and big enough to sail in the ocean.  If the building is successful…we will conquer England!”

It took months but they finally did it.  But before the voyage began a terrible tragedy occurred.  Erig Gildminer died.  Nobody knew what to do.  “We should go without him”, said one man. However, not many people like that idea.  It took days but one person did come up with an idea.  “What about Jarek?”  “You mean Erig’s son?”  “Yes, we have no other choice!”

On the day of the voyage one boat was for the women and children, the other boats were for the men.  Then out came Jarek, his red beard thick, he looked tough.  “People of Scandinavia today we set sail, my father may have died but we must not give up hope.  Now let’s kill us some English!”  Men rushed and leaped onto boats carrying sacks of weapons and food, and paddled off.  Storm hit Scandinavia disappeared behind them as rolling clouds followed their boats as they went to sleep dreaming of power and wealth.

When they were waking up they saw the lush emerald grass as they neared the coast of England.  The captain jumped off his ship, “ATTACK MEN!” he screamed.  Men jumped out of their ships with axes and swords, and all sorts of other weapons.  As they ran sand crunched under the feet.  “Arrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!” cried the men ferociously. 

One of the villagers looked up from picking crops.  He saw a shiny light in the distance that was the sun reflecting off the Viking’s amour.  He ran down to the beach but when he drew closer he saw savage men with armour, shields, swords and lots of other fierce looking weapons.  “Run!” he screamed terrified.  The villagers looked shocked.  “Aaaaahh!” cried one of the men as an axe crushed down on his head sending blood spraying from his face.  “Aaaahhh!!!” cried the people as they ran with nowhere to go.  Screams of terror rose as poor villagers struggled as they were cut down.  Women and children cried, babies were smashed against the rocks and some women were taken hostage.  “Retreat!” cried the men, everyone ran past the wood and ashes of their homes as flames leaped into the air turning the sky black and their village into hell.

“We won!” roared the men.  “But now men, save the party for when we get back to Scandinavia because now we must gather all our food and wealth and sail home” commanded Jarek.  The journey back to Scandinavia was fast and short.  They returned in just one day and night, and when they touched the shore the rolling thunder went away.  Women and children jumped out of the boats and started cooking food for a grand feast.

That night as they were all drinking and eating Jarek stood up and said “A toast to all the men who built the ships and all who came on this journey, and to the women and children.  Now we will be called…VIKINGS!!  I will be known as Jarek – The Hell!”  “Hooray” the people cheered.  The party went on for weeks without an end.

This story was written by Cormac, aged 9



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