The literary equivalent of 500 Days of Summer

Well worth a read…


2 thoughts on “The literary equivalent of 500 Days of Summer

  1. Hi Nadine,
    I feel pretty astonished that you found my blog somehow; that you live so far away – what adorable children – that you have so much energy and are writing and taking photographs of things that interest me – I’ve been meaning to read Wulf myself for a while – and that there really is a community somewhere in cyberspace making interesting and thoughtful observations about this and that. I’m very new to blogging; I love it but it’s not always easy.

    Best wishes,
    Catharina van Bohemen

    • Hi Catharina,
      Welcome to the blogosphere! And thanks for stopping by. Actually it was I who was excited to find your blog. It was recommended by Kate Di Goldi on Kim Hill’s slot a few weeks ago but I only just got around to listening to the podcast now.

      I have enjoyed your writing immensely. In fact you’ve given me new inspiration – as I mentioned in my About page, I struggle with the navel gazing aspect of having a blog so don’t tend to update with more than book reviews. I find it so very unnatural at times – I wonder if it’s a cultural thing? There are many blogs out there (usually I find they are American) that suffer from what I would call “over-sharing”. Whereas many of the kiwi blogs I’ve read are quite impersonal and usually politically oriented. That’s why I was glad to be directed to yours and other similar blogs on the Saturday programme – they are high quality and strike a good balance between the two extremes. Much more relatable.

      Oh and regarding Wulf; I still feel guilty about that review but I had to be honest in the end – I put off writing it for three months because I felt bad about it. Perhaps I just wasn’t in the right space for it at the time. Speaking of book reviews (if you liked the photo above) you might like to take a look a new blog I started that puts a new spin on reviewing it’s here –

      Happy blogging!


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