Waterpark to end all waterparks! (an Abu Dhabi Update)

That’s a misleading title since I don’t really intend to write a blog post about life in Abu Dhabi, today or perhaps ever again.  We shall see.

But what I do want to do is dump a video in here from our sneak preview of Yas Waterworld yesterday, largest waterpark in the Middle East, set to open at the end of the month.  It may interest you to know that the scariest thing was NOT the rides (or the knowledge that we were essentially guinea pigs on them) but the cold.  The  mother-freakin’ arctic temperatures of the Middle East in winter.  I think it barely broke 20 degrees yesterday.  Had to take my kid home before lunch with hypothermia.  Still, it was well worth it as you’ll see in this video.

Please note there’s only half of it because that tornado ride was SO severe, my camera broke on the way down.  The jigamiwhatsit unsnibbed and the case filled up with water.  “Tough” my ass Olympus!

I’m hoping Yas Waterworld will give me another set of free tickets so I can go back and finish the video – wearing a wetsuit!!


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