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I quit facebook this year, among other things which were dragging me down (yep, lookin’ at you alcohol).  There are many upsides to this situation.  I am no longer bombarded by photos of half-eaten lunches, for example, and I don’t feel pursued by all the pages that my “friends” apparently “liked” once upon a time.

The only downside of not being on Bacefook is I don’t have a way of sharing great articles I find around the internet which I think are really worthwhile reading.  Yes, there’s always twitter – but is it just me or is that place really, really noisy?  There’s sharing, and then there’s bludgeoning.

So every once in awhile I thought I’d share on my blog the top 5 articles or links I’ve come across around the web.  So here she goes:

1) One of the funniest and revealing short stories I’ve read in a long time.   It begins… “The worst thing about the affair, Nina thought, was that it made her so impatient with the children.”   **Note: The Narrative magazine is one of the most reliable sources of high quality fiction on the internet – and will dispel any prejudices you have about online distribution (so take the 2 minutes required to sign up to read).  The material is not only as good as you’ll find in any printed book, it’s probably far better**

2) As above – another one from Narrative.  This piece has a voice of its own, deceptively simple and straightforward yet somehow very deep and wickedly entertaining.  It’s writing like this that fools people into thinking anyone can do it.  The story begins… “On the airplane, the woman across the aisle and one row in front of me was beautiful. She wore the best pair of blue jeans in the history of the world. Okay, I’m exaggerating. Is there such a thing as the greatest jeans in the world? Can denim be sacred? Probably not. But I’m trying to make a point here. The woman was an epic series of curves. The ghost of some ancient Greek lute player is vainly searching for his instrument so he can sing ballads for and about her. Okay, I’m exaggerating again….”

3) Meanwhile, ever wondered  what the third most dangerous job in the world is? (clue: “Sat is where its at!”).  Not/Not for the faint-hearted.

4) A stand-out, thought-provoking blog well worth following.

and finally,

5) A poem that took my breath away.  And I still haven’t quite figured out what it means.

4 thoughts on “Read this!

  1. If you aren’t on Google+ you should sign up there – amazing communities of writers and readers can be found. G+ to me isn’t at all about connecting with people that I know “in real life” but connecting with people who share interests. TONS of good stuff. I think it’s the best social network there is and I always try to get people in on it, especially those FB quitters – I am a FB quitter, too! Sort of.. I have one for my blog, but I don’t friend IRL friends, hah!

    • Funny you should mention Google Plus, when it first came out I was certain it was the perfect solution – the midway between Facebook (narrow sharing of subjects I’m barely interested in) and Twitter (open-slather & time-consuming). But I couldn’t work out how to drive it in the end have resorted to following via reader only those key blogs and curators with a proven track record (i.e. proven with me). But you’ve encouraged me to go back and have another look at G+!

  2. Hey Nadine – I loved getting the updates – so will have to check here more regularly. Julie has just discovered I’ve not tried it but her sister (Lisa) who’s a mac girl who has lived in France for the last 3 years seems to like it .

    • Hi Bruce! God, sorry for the delay in responding, I’ve been buried in work and family lately. Great to hear from you, and yes, sorry for dropping out of FB without warning. Glad you stopped by the blog though – I knew that in ditching FB we wouldn’t lose any of our good friends! Must keep in touch via email more often though… saw all your photos of NY, looked amazing! And even caught up with one of your friends here in Abu Dhabi, how small is the world eh? Hope all is well with you and your gorgeous family, Nadine

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