Too Small to Fail by Morris Gleitzman

Too Small to FailToo Small to Fail by Morris Gleitzman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

(Review by Cormac, aged 10) “This was a good book. It had loads of words in it that I didn’t exactly understand, to do with finance, but it still was a good book. I liked how they crashed in the desert and Nancy sprained her ankle, and just how weird it was that the whole book was based on a dog and a camel. I think the moral of the story is you should appreciate what you’ve got while you’ve got it. I don’t think his parents were mean they were just working hard for his future”


Mum’s note: We got half way through this book (reading aloud) before Cormac made off with it to read late into the night on his own. So the ploy works, obviously. It’s about a wealthy kid whose parents are in the investment banking trade at the time of the financial crisis and how he deals with the morality of his situation. The Guardian summed it up perfectly: “Morris Gleitzman has a rare gift for writing very funny stories and an even rarer gift of wrapping very serious stories inside them.” Highly recommended.

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4 thoughts on “Too Small to Fail by Morris Gleitzman

  1. Morris Gleitzman gets it. Humour is always well pitched and characters are engaging, as well as thought provoking. I enjoyed ‘Boy Overboard’ and ‘Girl Underground’ as well. They explore issues like Afghanistan and refugees in ways that are approachable for young people, adn yet do not speak down to them. Good reading!

  2. love Morris Gleitzman! Will have to look out those titles… Toad Rage was a firm favourite, the first chapter of the first book; one passage in particular we read and re-read for three or four nights in a row, it set us off in hysterics time and time again! Also have the Once trilogy here, haven’t started yet…

  3. Thanks for this review, I have just checked out Morris Gleitzman as I am desperately looking for an alternative to the Horrid Henry books which my son is obsessive about. They look about his reading age (8).

    • I love Morris Gleitzman, I might have put this particular book at a slightly higher reading level than 8 though (it’s a big jump from Horrid Henry and meatier topics). Check out Toad Rage (if he’s into funny stuff), otherwise, has he discovered Wimpy Kid yet? After that there’s Tom Gates (good for an 8 year old) and also Andy Griffiths, 13 Storey Tree House. I get a lot of my reading recommendations for the kids from this fantastic teacher/blogger/compulsive kids-book reader…, highly recommended!

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