Uh oh, you clicked on About. Yikes! What do you want to know? Why “5inabus”, perhaps? Or maybe you want to know who the writer is, and what the connection is between all these loose threads of vaguely interrelated posts which are lately dominated by book reviews. Maybe you just want to know what I look like (it’s ok, we all do it). Or perhaps you already know the answers to these questions but are intrigued to see what I might say, and if I’ve put on weight since high school (not significantly, but by god, the grey hair and wrinkles are killing me).

Well I don’t know much about you either, except perhaps that your time is short. So I’ll try to be brief.

We are 5, a Mr and Mrs and three short people, Master, Master and Miss. We have a house in New Zealand, which is where we’re from, but our heart belongs to the 1978 Bedford Bus in which we intend to travel the world, one campsite at a time. Hence 5inabus.

We currently live in Abu Dhabi (before that Samoa, before that Argentina) where I, the Mrs, write this blog and read to make up time. The byline is “musing, praising and complaining”, because that’s what expats in exotic locations are supposed to do. Blah, Blah, Blah. I soon realised, however, that a) navel gazing is navel gazing, wherever you live and b) I have to censor myself far too much for it to be any fun anyway. So while my diplomatic diaries sit in the drafts folder hoarding megabytes, I write harmless book reviews instead. It started out as a hobby on Goodreads but, because I can’t do anything in moderation, quickly spiralled out of control.

I have a real job, a day job, but I prefer this one.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Had to check you out because the comment about that icky girl becoming a gynecologist cracked me up. So gross! Looking forward to checking you out more because I, too, am an avid reader.

  2. Hey! I’m wondering if you mind me referencing something hilarious you said in the comments section of my “about” page? I’ll link to your blog, of course! Let me know 🙂

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